The House Is Ours! Now What?

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Written by Jennifer Donahue

Donahue Property Group of Keller Williams 

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Congratulations! You have the keys to your new home in your hands. There are 10 things you need to do that are as important as unpacking your boxes:

1.Store all your home purchase documents in a safe place. You will need to get your hands on these files for tax purposes.  

2.Change your locks or have them re-keyed.  You have no idea how many keys are floating around. Pet sitters, neighbors, service providers all may have been given keys to the property when the last homeowner was living there.

3.Deep clean! It is never easier than when there is no furniture in the house!

4.Change air filters and smoke detector batteries. This way you can get on a yearly maintenance plan on a specific date. Not when the smoke detector starts chirping at 2am.

5.Reset the garage door openers and the key pad entry codes as an extra security measure!

6.Update your address. let the post office, employer, banks, insurer, utility companies and anyone you frequently make payments to know that you have moved.

7.Double check your homeowners insurance coverage. Make sure there is enough coverage for your home and all your belongings.

8.Become a weekend warrior. Use your home inspection report as a to do list for the times that were not negotiated to be repaired.

9.Avoid home ownership scams. Once the county records the sale of your home, your information becomes public record. You may get scam junk mail letters saying you owe money. Call your Lender, Insurer or Realtor to verify before sending money.

10.Most importantly - Introduce yourself to your new neighbors. You may make a life long friend, or find someone who can help you in a pinch. It will make your new home and neighborhood so much sweeter!